Integrating with Kiln - Viewing Kiln Changesets in Fogbugz


When you integrate Kiln with Manuscript, you will get a full circle audit history: from customer report to bug report to code fix to updating the customer. In a Manuscript case, you will be able to see:

  1. The changeset (from Kiln) sorted between your case edits and/or emails based on the time the changeset was created. This shows up automatically and immediately whenever a changeset is associated to a case.
  2. List of code reviews that include changesets associated to the case
  3. Number of changesets associated to this case
  4. Ability to create a code review
  5. List of changesets associated to the case
  6. The short changeset ID
  7. The author of the changeset
  8. The time the changeset was committed
  9. The repository the changeset is in, and if the changeset shows up in any related repositories
  10. List of tags on this changeset
  11. The changeset’s commit message

Additional items to note:

  1. Each changeset is only listed once even if it’s in multiple repositories. If your changeset gets pushed to many repositories, this will significantly reduce the clutter.
  2. Each changeset is displayed alongside a list of every repository which contains it under the “# related” link. This means that at a glance, you can see which changesets have been pulled where.
  3. Add the short changeset ID to a case comment for FogBugz to automatically link to Kiln’s search for that changeset ID. Also, add the “review K<some_number>” to a case comment for FogBugz to automatically link to the code review in Kiln.
  4. FogBugz, when displaying the changesets on the case, will respect your Kiln permissions. If someone can view a case, but doesn’t have access to the repository in Kiln, then they will not see the Kiln changeset and commit message.