Integrating with Kiln - Adding Kiln to Fogbugz On Demand


Add Kiln to Manuscript On Demand

First, log in to your Manuscript On Demand account as an administrator, then:

  1. Click the avatar icon on the bottom left, and choose Your On Demand Account. This will bring you to your Account and Billing page where you can manage your subscriptions to Manuscript and Kiln.
  2. Click Add next to Kiln, or Edit Products at the top
    Or, click Upgrade next to Kiln
  3. Choose your:
    1. Subscription Length
    2. Number of Users
    3. Optional Modules
  4. Check the checkbox “I authorize Fog Creek to charge my card in the amount above
  5. Click the button Apply Changes or Add Credit Card to activate Kiln
  6. Once you confirm the plan change, you’re all done! Kiln is now active. Navigating to Kiln is as simple as clicking the Kiln tab at the bottom of the menu list on the sidebar.
  7. And lastly, give your users access to Kiln!

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