Other Forms of Fogbugz Source Control Integration


What is it?

This KB article provides a better understanding of how other forms of source control integration work. Whether you’re using SVN, Mercurial, Perforce, or most anything else, Source Control Integration in FogBugz is straightforward. Using hook scripts downloaded via the UI, your source control system will pick up any “BugzID: 123” comment when you commit a change. The script places an entry in the FogBugz CVS table, which is used to display the check-in information when you view the case in the UI.

Who will use it?

All Agents, End-User

How is it used?

Using the templates in Admin -> Source Control, the case provides links to logs and diffs.

FogBugz can be set up to work together tightly with most source control systems. When you commit a bug fix to source control, you simply type the case number that you’re fixing. The integration scripts see this and create bidirectional links:

1.          From the FogBugz case to the source control history and diffs

2.          From the source control system to the FogBugz case.

The benefits:

  • You can implement a code-review process. Simply assign a case to the code reviewer. They click on the links to see the diffs in the source control system and review them.

  • It’s easy to find out how a bug was fixed by jumping straight to the source code change.
  • When you’re looking at the changes made in the source code and wondering why they were made, you can quickly jump to the bug they were intended to fix.

Before you can start using source control integration, you will need to make a few configuration changes to FogBugz and your source control system so they can talk to each other. The set up for each Source Control system is a bit different, as well as the mechanism for entering a case number when you commit changes. The list below should help you get your particular Source Control System working with FogBugz:

  • CVS
  • Subversion
  • Perforce
  • Visual SourceSafe
  • SourceGear Vault
  • Mercurial
  • Git
  • Team Foundation Server
  • Generic instructions for other source code control systems

Note: If you don’t already have source control, we recommend checking out Kiln which integrates with FogBugz right out of the box.