Creating a Code Review from the Command Line in Kiln


What is it?

In this KB article, you’ll find information on how to create a review of changesets when you push them, directly from the command line. (Kiln 2.8)

Who will use it?

All Agents, End-User

How is it used?

When you’re using hg to push your changesets to a Kiln repository, just add --review:

Once the push completes, you’ll be prompted to add the changesets you just pushed to a review, or create a new review:

At this prompt, you have several options.

  1. Help! Type ? to get an explanation of your options. Type q to quit without making any changes — your push will still complete.
  2. Creating a new code review Type n to create a new code review. Press Return, and you’ll be asked to choose reviewers.

  1. Type all or part of a person’s name to add that person as a reviewer. When you’re done, type d to create the review. (As before, you can type ‘?’ for help or ‘q’ to quit without creating a review)
  2. Add to an existing review. Type the number of the code review to add the changesets to that review.