Change Review Settings in Kiln


This KB article describes how to change review settings and how to set it as the default for all new reviews.

All Agents, End-User

Step-by-Step Guide

Email notifications are configured from within a review.

  1. Open up a review and you will see a “Notifications” indicator with the setting for that review. By default, it is “Muted”.


There are 3 options for notifications:

  1. Muted: This turns off notifications for this review.
  2. Occasional: This will generate a daily digest of review comments.
  3. Subscribed: For every event affecting this review, you will get an email notification.

2. Once you select a preference for this review, you will be asked to make it as the default. (Please see picture below)

For example:  

3. Once you select Make Default”, all newly created reviews for you will use that setting. Any preexisting reviews will keep their current notification preferences.