What are the Kiln Client and Tools?


When you first start using Kiln, you’ll want to download the Kiln Client and Tools, our pre-configured Mercurial and Git clients optimized to work with Kiln. The Kiln Client also comes with TortoiseHg, our recommended GUI for working with Mercurial locally.

To download, the Kiln Client and Tools, open up a browser and login to your Kiln website. In the upper-right corner you’ll see a menu titled “Resources.” Click that and choose “Kiln Client and Tools.”

Alternatively, you can go directly to: http://[your_kiln_url]/Tools/Downloads/KilnClient

Note: Use https for Kiln On Demand.


Download the Kiln Client for Windows at the link above. It will install TortoiseHg, the Kiln extensions and Git for Windows. Nice and easy! If you have Hg and Git already installed, we recommend uninstalling them first for the best results.

You can also choose to maintain your installations of Mercurial and/or Git, and install the Kiln extensions manually under the Mercurial Extensions section of the download page. Be sure your version of Mercurial and/or Git are close to the versions listed for the Kiln Client: those are the versions we test against Kiln On Demand.

Most users on Windows will be happy with the Kiln Client installer. The Custom Install section will guide you through the steps involved in getting Mercurial and Git set up, and provide an installer script for the Kiln extensions. If you know why you don’t want the Kiln Client, this is the place to go. If you don’t already know why you’d want a custom install, choose the Kiln Client.


There is no Kiln Client installer, we have instructions on the Mercurial Extensions for Kiln manually help article if you are using Mercurial.

The Kiln Client and Tools page contains a link to Mercurial. Download and install this as instructed on the Mercurial website. Once installed, Mercurial should work with your Kiln credentials. Note the Kiln Extensions haven’t been installed at this point, so Kiln Auth won’t work yet.

Next, you’ll want to download the setup (PostInstaller.py) script from the Tools page and run that by opening a Terminal window, navigating to the folder where the file is saved, and typing “python PostInstaller.py”. It includes the user’s name and email address associated with Kiln, and will insert this information into your .hgrc file automatically. It will also download and connect the Kiln Extensions and tools for your use.

At this point, you should be able to use Mercurial from the command line.

If you need more help, please contact our friendly support team. We’re just an email away!