Installing Kiln Client and Tools



When you first start using Kiln, we recommend downloading the Kiln Client and Tools, our pre-configured Mercurial and Git clients optimized to work with Kiln.

The Kiln Client also comes with TortoiseHg - our recommended GUI (Graphical User Interface) for working with Mercurial locally.



The Kiln Client and Tools are available only for Windows.

There is no Kiln Client installer for Mac and Linux. However, if you are using Mercurial, follow the instructions from the article Installing Kiln’s Mercurial Extensions Manually.

For Windows

  1. To download the Kiln Client and Tools, open a browser and log in to your Kiln website.
  2. In the upper-right corner, click on the Kiln Menu and choose 'Kiln Client and Tools.'
    • Kiln_Client_Tools_Download.png
    • Alternatively, you can go directly to

      NOTE: Use https for Kiln On Demand.

  3. Download the Kiln Client for Windows from the link mentioned above in Step 2.
    This installs TortoiseHg, the Kiln extensions and Git for Windows.
  4. If you have TortoiseHg and Git already installed, we recommend uninstalling them first for the best results.
  5. You can also choose to maintain your installations of Mercurial and Git, and install the Kiln extensions manually.
  6. Ensure your version of Mercurial and Git are close to the versions listed for the Kiln Client - those are the versions we test against Kiln On Demand.
  7. The Custom Install section of the installer guides you through the steps involved in getting Mercurial and Git set up and provides an installer script for the Kiln extensions.


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