Wiki Article Information Page


What is it?

This KB article provides a better understanding on what a wiki article information page contains and it also describes what you can find specifically on a wiki page.

Who will use it?

All Agents, End-User

How is it used?

When viewing or editing a wiki article, there is an Info link next to Edit at the top-right. The wiki article info page contains article details, history and a list of all links to and from the article.

The wiki history browser (“recent changes”) shows a list of each change made to the article over time, who made it and how much of the content was changed. For each version, you can click a link to see a graphical display showing what changed relative to the previous version. You can compare any two versions by clicking Next and Previous for each side of the comparison until you see the two versions you want. From the article editor, you can go back to any old version by clicking the left arrow next to the date and time in the top-right, then click Restore Old Version in the top-left.

If somebody has made a change that you don’t like, just restore the version before they made the change and save it as the current version. This has the effect of undoing their change in two clicks. In practice, this means that it’s easier to clean up vandalism than to vandalize in the first place, and it has the effect of keeping the quality of a wiki article very high even when you allow anyone in the world to edit it.

The info page also shows you what links to the article and what outbound links the article contains. You can copy the article to a new one, set it as the root for the containing wiki or delete the article. You can only delete a wiki article when no other articles link to it (making it an “orphan”).

Users can subscribe to a wiki article to receive notification when it changes. This is useful to track projects or interesting documents, and it also makes it difficult for a vandal to deface a page without anyone noticing. Vandals eventually give up when they realize that they’re not getting anywhere.