3.0.144 Release Notes


Completed : Kiln On Demand Upgrades: Oct 7, 1800 UTC – Oct 8, 1800 UTC

  • Various fixes and improvements to prevent and fix “incoming push” banners that get stuck indefinitely on the repository page
  • Fix for the inability to edit files directly in the Kiln UI on any head revision
  • Fix for git heads not showing in the dropdown in ‘Files’ view of a repository
  • Fix to allow empty comments in Code Reviews if code lines/anchors are attached
  • Fix for UI issue in Firefox where the warning message for a ‘large diff’ is cut off
  • Fix for “show entire file” not showing the entire file if the file was ever renamed or copied.
  • Fix for JS console error when a new repository doesn’t have the URL text
  • Fix for issues with code highlighting in search results crashing the UI
  • Improved handling of invalid repository and project values when searching
  • Various other fixes for search overheating in the UI
  • Feature Switch + Beta Testing: Significant performance improvements to FileHistory and Annotate for files in Git repositories. * Please contact customer-service@fogcreek.com if you would like to participate in this beta test. *