2.1.2 Release Notes

  • Make search faster by loading search result counts dynamically
  • Added a link from a changeset’s diff page to a DAG view centered around that changeset, making it easier to find a changeset in the DAG
  • Added better handling of large diffs
  • Added “Reviews” column to the FogBugz case grid view
  • Made case number references in your commit messages linkable back to FogBugz from TortoiseHg
  • Added a case preview popup window when hovering over a review number in the Kiln activity stream
  • If there’s an unsubmitted code review comment and you resolve the review, use the text as the Resolved event
  • Fixed a bug to make sure a code review is re-opened whenever a changeset is added
  • Fixed a bug that caused inaccurate rendering of changesets in Internet Explorer 9
  • Allow users to highlight a changeset hash by double-clicking on it
  • Fixed the alignment of the “Add a case” popup box that appears when adding a case association to a code review
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Kiln Storage Service from being started upon installation
  • Fixed a bug that caused Kiln to crash when the name of a filter exceeded 100 characters
  • Fixed a bug which caused the strip changeset action to hang indefinitely
  • Fixed a bug that caused the first change in a file to be skipped over when using the change navigation arrows after clicking “Show Entire File”