1.2 Release Notes


Kiln 1.2 is our most significant upgrade since the initial launch of Kiln. We’ve added a number of features to address your requests and fixed quite a few quirks.

  • All changeset reviews are always visible across all repositories, regardless of the changeset’s repository. This means deleting a repository no longer deletes any code review information (as long as at least one repository holding the changeset is not deleted).
  • The Kiln Importer is drastically improved. You can now choose specific subdirectories of your Subversion repository to import, identify tags and branches subfolders, verify a preview of the import before pushing to Kiln, and more.
  • The search box for each repository now searches changeset messages (it only used to accept changeset ids and revision numbers).
  • Browsing back and forth from a repository to various changesets now uses a Gmail-style (ajax-powered) technique for much faster changeset browsing.
  • hg kiln is a new Mercurial extension included in the Kiln Client that lets you quickly use the Kiln web interface from your command line. Quickly navigate straight from your command line to a specific file’s history, annotation, and more (hg kiln -a File.cs).
  • You can now edit the title and initial description of a code review when starting the review.
  • Review activity is now available in the activity feed.
  • Significant UI work with the goal of simplifying the interface and making common operations (viewing changeset contents) much less cluttered.
  • Web Hooks are now available – every push to Kiln can now fire an arbitrary URL that hooks up to a service such as your continuous integration server.
  • RSS feed browser autodiscovery is now available for individual repository feeds.
  • The “Copy Repository URL to Your Clipboard” tool has been fixed in Chrome.
  • Performance improvements.
  • A number of various SQL timeouts have been resolved.
  • The Kiln uninstaller is improved, which helps problem scenarios that require reinstall.
  • Fixed “FogBugz Session ID is not set” crash when viewing changesets.