On Demand URLs for Kiln and FogBugz On Demand


Your On Demand solution of Kiln and FogBugz comes with the following URLs:

  • {your}.kilnhg.com
  • {your}.fogbugz.com

Your Kiln installation is available at {your}.kilnhg.com, and FogBugz is available at {your}.fogbugz.com.

They’re tightly integrated, and your user account is linked to both Kiln and FogBugz — logging into one will log you into the other. We can change your On Demand instance name, though it does have some consequences:

  • This does free up the original instance name for other sites to claim.
  • The cases@<your_site>.fogbugz.com email address will change to cases@<new_site>.fogbugz.com. There is no forwarding of email addresses.
  • If you used full URLs in your wikis or cases, you’ll need to edit them to point them at the new site URL.
  • You’ll need to edit your local working copy repositories’ .hg\hgrc files and point to the new Kiln URL.

If that sounds acceptable, or if this raises any questions, you’ll need an administrator on the account to contact us by confirming:

  • Your current site URL.
  • The site URL you’d like to claim.
  • That the above-bulleted list is acceptable.
  • When you’d like to coordinate the change. We’re available 24X7