Making Code Public


Any of your projects in Kiln can be made “Public”, so anyone can clone or pull from the repositories in that project, even if they don’t have a Kiln account. You can enable public access on none, any, or all of your projects. Keep in mind the following notes about public projects:

Public access is read only; only authorized users on your Kiln account, with the appropriate permissions, can push to or configure a public repository. Of course, your private projects will still be accessible only to authorized users, and you can disable public access at any time. We hope this feature makes it easier for you to share your open source and other public code with your users, while keeping all your code together in Kiln.

Still want to make a public project? Great! Here’s how:

Kiln On Demand

  1. Find the project you want to make public, and click on the lock icon at the upper-right hand corner.
    KOD Public Project
  2. A new window will appear that lets you enable public access to the project by clicking on the “Enable Public Access” button.
    KOD Public Access button
  3. Public access will be enabled, and the lock icon will be replaced with an unlocked icon. This can be clicked on and the “Disable Public Access” button clicked to revert to a private project.
    KOD This Project Is Public
  4. That’s it! Public projects will appear in the Project list with an unlocked icon.
    KOD Public Projects

Kiln For Your Server (up through Kiln 2.9)

Note: Kiln 2.9 will also have a lock icon in the upper-right hand corner like in Kiln On Demand. Either set of instructions will work for this version.

  1. Find the project you want to make public, then choose “Configure”. On the project configuration, choose “Enable Public Access”.
    Project Configuration page
  2. Choose “Public Access”, then click OK. Projects which are already Public may be set to Private this way.
    Public Access page
  3. That’s it! Public projects are marked with an unlocked lock icon.
    Lock icon