Email Invitations Trial Account Limit



This article discusses current Limitations of FogBugz Trial Account and explains what to do when you reach the email invitations trial account limit.

Limitation of Trial Version

The FogBugz Trial version has all features activated. However, there are only 2 limitations - 

  1. Maximum 500 users per account.
  2. Maximum 5 emails per day.


FogBugz has an email limit put in place to prevent spammers from creating accounts. However, to overcome that limit, or whenever you are satisfied with the product, please follow the steps to purchase the License - 

  1. Go to the Avatar menu > Your FogBugz Account.2020-04-03_22_02_59-.png
  2. Choose FogBugz / Kiln / Both and check Price.2020-04-03_22_04_51-FogBugz_Account_Management.png
  3. Choose the Pricing and Click on 'Add Credit Card' to Finalize Purchase.2020-04-03_22_06_45-.png
  4. Once the credit card details are entered, the system will remove the limit in the next 24 hours.
  5. However, you will NOT be charged till the end of the trial period.2020-04-03_22_38_55-FogBugz_Account_Management.png