Pasting Images in Rich Text Editor



With some browsers, pasting an image using the Rich Text Editor obtains null results. This article provides a step-by-step resolution on fixing the image pasting issues.

Root Cause

This is due to a browser-specific incompatibility for the Rich Text Editor.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Copy an image to the clipboard (the image itself, not a link to the image or an image file to attach to a case).
  2. Open and edit a case in a FogBugz On-Demand account.
  3. Paste the image into Rich Text Editor (e.g., CKEditor 4, Command+V or Ctrl+V).
  4. The image does not appear under the text window.


  1. Use a different browser (e.g., Chrome on OSX is verified as working).
  2. Include the image as an attachment or use the 'Insert Image' button.