Tips on Creating Good Areas



This article provides you with best practices for defining good Areas for your Projects.

To understand the role of Areas withing a Project, and how to created them in FogBugz read the article Projects, Areas, Milestone



The fewer, the better

You’ll find that the fewer areas you have, the more likely people are to categorize cases correctly into the right area. Think of it this way: if you have 100 areas, everybody who enters a case is going to have to consider each of those 100 areas to decide which area is the best fit. Inevitably, cases will be miscategorized, and the pain of choosing an area may even make people enter fewer cases.


Start with One Area

Our recommended approach is to start with just one area, called Miscellaneous, and use it for everything. 

Then, add areas only after careful consideration and only if they are needed for a particular filter that you want to create. For example, if you have a team of technical writers and they want to be able to see all the bugs in the documentation, create an area called Documentation.


Consider Using Tags and Subcases

Don’t create more areas than you absolutely need, because the more you have, the more likely cases will be misfiled.

If you need finer categorization, you might consider using tags.

You can also group cases into hierarchies with subcases


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