Hidden Left Sidebar



The user encounters a situation where the left sidebar menu in Manuscript is hidden, i.e. not displayed. It can only be accessed by clicking the Menu button in the top left corner:

The sidebar was previously there and toggling between the 2 modes is not possible.


Manuscript On Premises, production


Customer-facing information

Root Cause: 

Window size and resolution; switching available screens; sleep mode


  1. The displayed menu layout is part of the site's responsiveness to smaller resolutions and window sizes.
  • Expand your window size and/or increase your screen resolution to get the full menu to display again. This can also occur if something like a download bar or other toolbar take up a part of your browser window, reducing the actual size of your visible web page display space.
  1. This can also be related to switching available screens and sleep cycles for the machines. It's likely that at some point in the cycling of displays, the resolution (of the actual visible website, which is less than the screen resolution due to tabs, toolbars, and other things that take up screen real estate) on your window is likely under 700 pixels vertically, which is where the menu layout changes over automatically. Resizing the screen is when the logic checks the resolution, which may not be triggered when the screens themselves turn off/on.