Enabling SAML Authentication for FogBugz On Site



Occasionally, SSO/SAML (Single Sign-in/Security Assertion Markup Language) authentication is not visible in the Site Configuration for the FogBugz On-Site version. This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to enable the SAML authentication for FogBugz On Site.


NOTE: SAML authentication must first be allowed by enabling a feature switch.
  1. To enable the feature switch, open a browser on your web server and navigate to:

    : This page lists all the features available.

  2. Click on the feature switch for SAML authentication and in the dropdown, change the value to Force Enable.

  3. Click on the Update button.

  4. Refresh the browser window. You can also open a new tab and go to FogBugz's main page, go to the Avatar menu > Site Configuration.

  5. The Authentication Mode dropdown menu becomes available in the site configuration page.

  6. Select SAML Authentication and click OK.


    : SSL also works for community users.

WARNING! If you are selecting SAML Authentication, it disables the username and password authentication also affecting the authentication via API, only allowing API token authentication.


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