Wiki Templates


What is it?
The Manuscript Wiki Template allows you to add custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to a Wiki. This kb article provides information on how you can create a new wiki template.          

Who will use it?
This is normally created by an Administrator or someone who will be given an access to it.

How is it used?
Each wiki uses our standard template by default, but you can create a separate template for every Wiki to redesign the appearance of the page (including the sidebar), create custom CSS for HTML elements like tables, etc.

Here’s how to create a new wiki template:

  1. On the sidebar of the main page, choose Wiki > Dot Menu > Manage Wikis

  2. The page below will be displayed, choose Customize templates > New Template.

  3. You’ll see separate fields for HTML and CSS, and you can embed JavaScript in <script> tags in the HTML section.  Once you have a wiki template, you can apply it to any wiki (and all of the wiki articles in it).



You can click “learn more” link when modifying your wiki template to see the list of available placeholders.