FogBugz XML API: Working Schedule



With this set of commands, you will be able to access and modify certain parameters of a person’s working schedule.


  1. To list the Working Schedule for a particular person, send cmd=listWorkingSchedule. The available argument is:
    • ixPerson– If ixPerson is omitted, list the working schedule for the logged on user. If ixPerson is set to 1, list the site working schedule.
    • Returns <workingschedule>.
  2. cmd=wsDateFromHours Allows you to add hrs (in working hours time) to dt respecting the working hours.

    For example, if you work 9-5 Monday to Friday, and it is Friday at 4 pm and you want to know what date to set a case to that should be due in 8 working hours, it would return the next Monday at 3 pm.

    If it was Monday at 3 pm and you wanted to know what the date would be for something due in 5 hours, it would give you back the next day, on Tuesday at 12 noon.

    The possible arguments are:
    • ixPerson – If omitted, use the working schedule for the logged on user.
    • hrs – the number of hours you want to add to the date.
    • dt – the UTC date you want to start at.
    • Returns <dt>2007-05-07T16:30:00Z</dt> — a UTC date.
  3. To list  Per-Project Percent Time, send cmd=listProjectPercentTime. The available arguments are:
    • ixPerson – If ixPerson is omitted, list Per-Project Percent Times for the logged on user.
    • Returns per-project percent times and PercentTimeAllOtherProjects.

  4. To protect a Project, send cmd=addProjectPercentTime. The available arguments are:
    • ixProject – The project to protect.
    • nPercent – How much time will be spent on this project (between 0 and 100).
    • Returns the new per-project percent time information.
  5. To edit Per-Project Percent Time, send cmd=editProjectPercentTime. The available arguments are:
    • ixProjectPercentTime – The ProjectPercentTime to modify
    • nPercent – How much time will be spent on the project (between 0 and 100)
    • Returns the modified per-project percent time information.
  6. To unprotect a Project, send cmd=deleteProjectPercentTime. The available argument is ixProjectPercentTime.

See also the full XML API documentation.