FogBugz XML API: Time Tracking



Use this set of API Commands to handle time-tracking features in FogBugz.


  1. To start working on a case and charge time to it (start the stopwatch), send cmd=startWork. The available parameter is ixBug (the case that you want to start working on).

  2. To Stop working on everything (stop the stopwatch), send cmd=stopWork.

  3. To import a time interval that already happened, send cmd=newInterval. The available arguments are ixBug, dtStart and dtEnd.

  4. To return all non-deleted Time Intervals for a user, send cmd=listIntervals. The available arguments are:
    • ixPerson – optional
      Specifies which user’s intervals should be returned. If omitted, list intervals for the logged on user. If set to 1, list intervals for all users. Note that you must be an administrator to see time interval information for users other than the logged-on user.
    • ixBug – optional
      Specifies that only intervals associated with this bug should be returned.
    • dtStart, dtEnd – optional
      If dtStart and/or dtEnd are supplied, listIntervals will return intervals whose start date falls between dtStart and dtEnd.

See also the full XML API documentation.