FogBugz XML API: Source Control



With these commands, you can handle the check-ins that are related to a case in FogBugz. For further reference, read the Kiln API Documentation.



  1. To associate a new check-in with a given FogBugz case, send cmd=newCheckin.
  • ixBug
    • The case with which to associate the check-in

  • sFile
    • The name of the file being checked in

  • sPrev
    • The pre-check-in revision number

  • sNew
    • The post-check-in revision number

  • ixRepository
    • The ID of the source control repository in which this file is located

  • sRepo – deprecated
    • In versions of FogBugz before 7.0, this field indicated the file’s repository. Included for backward-compatibility. Do not use with new repositories.

  1. To list all of the check-ins that have been associated with the specified case, send cmd=listCheckins. The available argument is ixBug.

See also the full XML API documentation.