FogBugz XML API: Increasing Case Numbers



You can increment your case ID so the next newly created case to start with a given case number.

For example, if the current highest case number is 35, and you want the next case number to start at 5000, then you can run this command with the ixBug value of 5000.

This method is applicable to both On-Demand and On-Premise versions of FogBugz (as with any XMP API command).




  • This change cannot be undone.
  • You can only use this command to raise the next value, not to lower it.
  • To increase the case number, use the following API command cmd=adminSetCaseNumber.
  • Use argument ixBug to set the value of the next case number. This value should be bigger than the biggest case ID currently available in your FogBugz instance, otherwise, it will be ignored and no change will be done.
  • The token will need to be created by a user with administrator rights.

For more information about FogBugz API, refer to the complete XML API documentation for FogBugz.