Change Subscription Plan for FogBugz and Kiln On-Demand Account



Your subscription plan and its price depends on the number of licensed users, on the billing cycle (monthly or yearly), and on the used products (FogBugz, Kiln). 

You can change the pricing of your account by increasing or reducing the licensed user numbers, by changing the billing cycle (subscription length), or by changing the products that you use. The changes will be applied to your account at the start of your next billing cycle (so you don't "lose" the period that you have already been charged for).

For legacy plans, you can also change some optional modules.



Subscription Options

Choose the subscription plan from our FogBugz Pricing page that best suits your needs.

  • Term: The longer the term, the lower the monthly cost for your business.
    • Monthly
    • One Year: Up to 10% savings over a monthly subscription
    • Two Years: Up to 15% savings over a monthly subscription
    • Three Years: Up to 17% savings over a monthly subscription
  • Users: From 5 users to up to 500 users.
  • Optional Modules: If you are in the legacy billing plan (Manuscript and older), you also have the option to select (or unselect) "Optional Modules" such as:
    • For FogBugz: Integrated Wiki, Time Tracking & EBS, Agile
    • For Kiln: Code Reviews

Notes to consider:

  • Please reach out to Renewals Team directly if you face any of the special pricing requirements described on our Renewals page.
  • If you are on a legacy subscription plan, you might not be able to change subscription length from year to month. Contact Renewals Team directly, they will change your subscription plan accordingly.
  • The Optional Modules are now integrated by default into the newest subscription plans. If you are using a new subscription type, you do not have these options separately.


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Changing Your Subscription

  1. Log in to your FogBugz account.

  2. Hover over the Avatar Menu in the sidebar and click on Your FogBugz Account




  3. Click on Edit products.




  4. Click on Upgrade.




  5. Select the desired Subscription Length (monthly or yearly) and the Number of users.




    IMPORTANT: You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time. If you downgrade your subscription, however, you must choose a plan that covers the current number of active users. You also must authorize FogBugz to charge your credit card for the difference in the billing between your current plan and the new plan.
  6. If your subscription is on the legacy subscription plan, you have the option to change the Optional Modules (for new subscription plans, these are included by default). Select any of the operational modules of your choice, and click Apply changes for final confirmation.

    • FogBugz:

    • Kiln:

      Activating (or deactivating) these Optional Modules changes the billing amount. You must confirm the change and, in Step 7, authorize FogBugz to charge your credit card for the difference (if any) in the billing between your current plan and the new plan.

  7. Credit Card

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