Virtual Users Not Receiving Email Notifications in FogBugz On Site



Upon creating a new Virtual User in FogBugz On-Site, the users do not receive any email notifications.

Root Cause

A Virtual User is not an individual user, and therefore email notifications are not enabled for it.


  1. Create a virtual user with an email address you can check and verify the box to instantly send email notifications.
  2. Create a mailbox and set it to sort messages manually, and then set the virtual user in the Assign to field.
  3. Send a test email to the mailbox.


  • Always use a normal user account and Email ID instead of a virtual user type.
  • A virtual user is not an individual. In fact, it is a Group account.
  • Therefore, we can assign cases to it but cannot use email notification as it acts as a group queue.  

Read more about User Types.