GitHub Enterprise Integration with Manuscript On Demand in Source Control


This KB article provides information on how to use an old FogBugz GitHub service in Manuscript On Demand since there’s no specific integration with GitHub Enterprise.

All Agents, End-User

Step-by-Step Guide 

1. From the Manuscript Admin menu, select Source Control.

2. Click Create New Repository”.

3. An option pane will pop up. Select ‘Other (custom)’. Enter a name for

the repository. (The name does not have to be the same as the github repo name).

4. Then, click Next.

5. Set the ‘Diff URL’ field to be:

6. Set the ‘Log URL’ field to be:


7. There’s a URL printed at the top of the configuration screen.

Note: Take note of the number following ixRepository= That is the ID that needs to be filled in for the fb_repoid field.

In GitHub -> Admin -> Service Hook after selecting “FogBugz” from the list:

1. Set your Cvssubmit Url. (E.g.

2. Set Fb Version” to “8”.

3. Set Fb Repoid” to the number following “ixRepository=” from step 6 above.

Once the integration is complete and you push some new changes to your GitHub repository referencing FogBugz Cases, you will see Checkins on the Case page.

Note: You’ll transplant the GitHub configuration to your Enterprise installation and we’ll help clean up any loose ends on the Manuscript side. Let us know if you are interested and we’ll be glad to help.