Checking the status of a Case as Community Users



Agent, End-User

What is it?

Depending on Manuscript permissions, you can create your own Community User account, or an account must be created on your behalf by a Manuscript administrator. you can start creating cases.

Who will use it?

Any Manuscript On Demand user

How is it used?

To check the status of a case, log on to Manuscript, and click the link status of a case, or button Case Status. You will then get a list of your cases showing you the case number, case title, case status (open or closed), and the date opened. 

If the Community Case List feature is enabled for your Manuscript site, you will be able to see a list of projects. Selecting one of those projects will cause all cases in that project that have tickets to be displayed. 

Clicking the case number or case title will bring to the case to see the full email correspondence. You will only see the email correspondence involving your email address here. You will not see any emails sent to other users or internal edits by a Manuscript normal or administrator type user. Also, you will be able to see the case’s ticket ID and get the ticket URL.