Configuring Automatic Reply Template for Incoming Emails



After configuring your mailbox, you can optionally enable automatic replies for new incoming emails using automatic reply templates, keeping in mind the automatic reply rules to know when replies will not be sent.




Enable Automatic Replies

 To enable automatic replies for your mailbox:

  1. Log in to your FogBugz.

  2. Hover your mouse over your Avatar Menu at the bottom-left portion of your screen.

  3. On the side menu, select the Mailboxes option, which will bring you to your FogBugz connected mailboxes.

  4. Click the Edit button/icon (mceclip0.png) corresponding to the mailbox that you need to configure.

  5. Go to the Reply Automatically section and select the On radio button to activate automatic replies:

  6. Compose your automated message/response for incoming emails. 

  7. Scroll down and click OK.


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Configure the Automatic Reply Template

Automatic replies are plain-text, and you can include the following variables in the message or subject line. The placeholder will be substituted with the appropriate value when the message is sent:

  • {case} - The case ID number.
  • {sender} - The sender's email address.
  • {subject} - The subject of the incoming message.
  • {ticket} - The external customer reference number to this case; includes a random password for security.
  • {url} - The URL of the FogBugz install.
  • {ticketurl} - A link the customer can use to check the status of their case.
  • {fullname} - The full name associated with this mailbox.
  • {email} - The email address associated with this mailbox.

Your automatic reply's subject must always include the placeholder: (Case {case}), to ensure that a customer's reply will be appended to the same case instead of opening a new one.

FogBugz will not automatically reply to subsequent emails on a case, as the correspondent has already received confirmation of this particular case reaching the system.


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