Source Control System Information



This article will help you understand how the Source Control System works to transmit changes to FogBugz.


Agent & Customer


  • You need to install a “triggerscript in your source control system to notify FogBugz whenever a check-in occurs that is related to a particular bug.
  • You will have to implement this script yourself to integrate with whatever hooks, triggers, or APIs your source control system offers.
  • These Scripts send the check-in information via HTTP to a FogBugz ASP page named cvsSubmit.asp, using  the below URL


  • bugID is the FogBugz bug number
  • file is the source file that is being checked in
  • x is the previous revision number
  • y is the new revision number
  • RepositoryID is the ID of the repository you create in FogBugz. You can get this value from the New Repository dialog (see below)