Enabling Customizations in FogBugz On-Premise Accounts



This article describes how you can enable customizations to change the look, feel, and even the behavior of the application. Once the customizations feature has been activated, you can learn more about Configuring Customizations in FogBugz.



This process applies to On-Premise Accounts only. If you are using FogBugz On-Demand, you may submit a request to get the customizations enabled for your account.


Process for Enabling Customizations

  1. From the FogBugz Server, log in to your FogBugz account using an Administrator ID and password. Note: This process does not work if accessed from another location.

  2. Add /f/debug/featureswitches to the URL:


    and press Enter to display the Feature Switches table.




  3. Find OcelotBugMonkey in the table and then select Force Enable from the drop-down and click on the Update button to enforce the change.




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The Feature Switches page should now appear under the column Enabled: and show that the OcelotBugMonkey is set to True.




Also, on your Fogbugz account, you should now see the Customizations option under the Account & Settings menu:




If you navigate to Avatar Menu > Customizations, you see that the Customizations feature is enabled in your account, as seen below:




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