Available Plugins for FogBugz-For-Your-Server



Read more about FogBugz Plugins in this article.


List of Available Plugins


1. Add Subscribers

  • The AddSubscribers plugin has been replaced by a native feature in FogBugz Ocelot. Enable it on the Advanced tab of Screw Icon/Avatar menu > Site Configuration

2. AutoSubscribe

  • Automatically subscribe to certain types of cases (e.g., all in a specified project) via the Subscribe option in your avatar menu

3. BugMonkey

  • Add custom javascript and CSS to FogBugz

4. Case Event Edit

  • Modify existing comments on cases, maintaining a full revision history

5. Case Event Merge

  • When resolving a case as a duplicate of another, allows the user to choose to show its events in the other case.

6. Case Updated Notifications

  • FogBugz shows a yellow notification real-time when another user edits a case you are viewing (formerly a Bug Monkey customization)

7. Clark Kent

  • Simple time reporting of time spent against FogBugz cases

8. Code Snippets

  • Format text as code blocks in cases by wrapping with <code></code>. Use the Insert menu in wikis to add formatted code blocks to articles

9. Community Case List

  • Provide authorized community users access to a list of all cases in a project

10. Custom Fields

  • Add your own custom fields to cases under Custom Fields in the Screw icon/Avatar menu

11. Dependencies (replaced by Postpone)

  • Create dependencies between cases such that when one or more are resolved, another case is reactivated

12. Do Later (replaced by Postpone)

  • Setup notifications about a case or re-open it to you at a later date

13. Email All Users

  • As an administrator, send an email to all users in your account via Email All Users in the Screw icon/Avatar menu

14. Filter Export

  • Export any case list as a CSV file under the More drop-down

15. FogBugz News Network (FNN)

  • Provides information on activity in FogBugz such as who is working on what case

16. FogBugz Time Sheet

  • Provides two reports, hours spent per person per project and case events created in a given period.
  • (formerly a plugin named “FogBugzTimeSheetPlugin” by Albrektsen Innovasjon AS)

17. Inline Image Attachments

  • Show images which your correspondent attached in-line in the place they chose instead of the bottom of the case

18. Kanban Board

  • Manage your cases with a Kanban board interface.
  • Update: This plugin is being deprecated and being replaced by our new Kanban.

19. Kiln

  • Kiln changesets are displayed in FogBugz cases which they reference

20. Kiln Lock Down

  • This plugin lets you prevent access to Kiln for certain users. It was discontinued on Nov 20, 2014, when it became obsolete. You can now specify in Screw Icon/Avatar Menu  > Users whether each user can access FogBugz, Kiln or both

21. Notify

  • When editing a case, enter one or more users’ names to notify them of the change

22. Perforce DTG Integration

  • Integrate FogBugz with the Perforce Defect Tracking Gateway under Screw Icon/Avatar Menu>Source Control

23. Project Backlog

  • Keep your cases in a per-project backlog sequence
  • Update: This plugin has been deprecated and is replaced by the Iteration Planner and located under the tools menu

24. Project Groups

  • Group several projects together under a larger heading

25. Reporting

  • Switch your case filter from a list to a chart or graph with the control in the top-left

26. URL Trigger

  • Configure URLs for FogBugz to send data about case changes to under Screw Icon/Avatar Menu -> URL Trigger

27. Wiki Article Index

  • Similar to the built-in table of contents, this widget shows an index of all articles in the wiki

28. Wiki Article Table of Contents

  • Add a dynamic table of contents to a wiki article using the Insert menu

29. Wiki Comments

  • Add a comments widget to a wiki article using the Insert menu

30. Wiki Info-page plugins

  • View various information about an article by clicking the Info link

31. Wiki Navigation

  • Using the default FogBugz 8 wiki template, enable a dynamic navigation sidebar

32. Workflow

  • Configure custom categories, statuses and workflow assignments under  Screw icon/Avatar Menu-> Workflow