Time Tracking - Adding Intervals



The time that you spend working on a case is called an Interval. Normally, these intervals are added automatically to your Time Tracking and are calculated based on the time spent on a case (when you Start and Stop tracking your time in the Case View).

It is a core function that helps to analyze how Cases and Projects are completed over the estimated times. You can use this option when you need to add intervals for working on a specific case. This option allows you to define the working time on a case and prevents you from working off shift.


  1. From the main menu, navigate to Time Tracking > Edit Timesheet.


  2. Select the date that you want to modify by clicking on the left and right arrows, or just open the date picker and select the date.


  3. Click Add Interval to create an interval manually.


  4. Enter the Start time, End time, and Case number and click OK.


  5. If you are working on a case outside of your working hours, the message below is displayed. Click Yes.


  6. Click Save.


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