Creating a Milestone



Milestones are timeboxes where you assign cases that need to be done by a particular due date. By default, every instance of FogBugz has an Undecided milestone as a catch-all. Cases should be moved out of this milestone as soon as feasible into an appropriate Project-level milestone. The aim of this article is to provide a step-by-step guide to the creation of such a project-level milestone. 


There are two ways to create a milestone described below.

First Method

  1. Open the Iteration Planner and click Add Milestone


  2. Enter the desired name, and press Enter. You will be presented with more options.
  3. Choose the desired project, the start and end dates, and tick the checkbox if this should be a Backlog Milestone.


  4. Click Create

Second Method

  1. Navigate to the Avatar menu (1) > Projects (2), then click on the selected Project name (3).



  2. A project window opens. Scroll down to the section called Milestones (this project) and click Create New Milestone.


  3. Define the Milestone Name, Completion Date, Start Date, optionally define Milestone dependency as well as select if the milestone is a Backlog milestone.


     Your Backlog milestone is the home for every case in projects that you are not ready to work on yet. If you have been using FogBugz for a while and are just starting to use our Agile Development tools, you may want to use our bulk edit feature to move any cases that are not already assigned to a milestone into your Backlog milestone. You can also order the backlog column as a way of keeping track of it and communicating your priorities for even those cases that are not assigned to a milestone yet.




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