Size Limits for Uploading File Attachments



To ensure the correct operation of FogBugz, the file size for uploading attachments to cases is limited. This limit varies, depending on your version of FogBugz and where it is hosted.

This article lists the maximum size for uploaded attachments for the different versions of FogBugz/Manuscript, On-Demand, On-Premise, and For Your Server (FYS).


The file upload size limits for FogBugz versions are as follows:  

FogBugz Flavor Limit Details
FogBugz On-Demand (version 8.16.333+) The upload file size limit for attachments is 50MB.

FogBugz On-Premise (version 8.22.36+)

Manuscript On-Premise(version 8.21.14 and 8.21.913)

FogBugz On-Site (version 8.16.625+)

The default size limit for uploading file attachments is 50MB, and this can be increased with a database setting. Previous versions of FogBugz On-Site had a maximum limit of 10MB.
FogBugz For Your Server (version 8.8.55 and below) You can set the maximum file upload size in Admin > Site Configuration > Advanced.
The size is limited to 100,000 KB (100 MB)


Note: It is possible to email (to cases) attachments that are larger than the upload attachment limit, but this approach is constrained by the email accounts and SMTP servers involved in transporting the email.

File attachment sizes of 20MB – 25MB are common limits for attachments to emails; this value may be much higher, depending on your email provider.

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