New Wiki Features in FogBugz 8


The functionality and design of the Wiki have both been completely revamped for FogBugz 8.0. Major changes include an updated editor, a sidebar with useful page collections and attributes, inline wiki comments and a redesigned default template. Here’s a brief overview of some of the new features:

Updated Editor

The FogBugz wiki editor has been replaced with a customized version of CKEditor ( Here’s what the new editor’s toolbar looks like:

alt text

CKEditor provides excellent editing functionality right out of the box, and we’ve added a few cool things to make editing a wiki page a better experience. One example are bubble menus that provide contextual options, but don’t obscure your browser’s right-click menu.

alt text

Page Collections and Attributes

As a wiki gets bigger it can be challenging to keep track of all the pages and how they relate to each other. Wiki Page Collections and Attributes aim to help. The Wiki comes with a Title Index, a Recently Changed page listing, a Page Hierarchy, and a listing of Incomplete pages. Also included are a Tags page that lists all of your wiki’s tags and a Hierarchy control that displays related pages and helps you keep track of where you are in the wiki.

alt text

Each of the navigation control pages also include a “filter-as-you-type” search bar to make finding the wiki page you’re looking for as simple and fast as possible.

alt text

The wiki sidebar can be extended via plugins to add page collections and attributes for pretty much anything you can come up with.


As with the rest of FogBugz, the Wiki is extensible via plugins. One example is the Comments plugin, which allows for inline comments and responses on a wiki page without having to switch to edit mode. It’s great for receiving feedback without cluttering up the content of your page. The comments plugin comes with the Wiki by default. To add comments to a wiki page, select Insert -> Comments from the wiki editor.

alt text

Redesigned Template

The default wiki template has been completely redesigned in FogBugz 8.0 to be easier to use and better looking. The primary goal was to make a clear distinction between controls and links that are related to the wiki as a whole, and those that are related to the page of the wiki that you’re currently viewing or editing. To do this, the search box, new page link, and other controls have all been placed in the sidebar. Metadata and other page specific controls have been consolidated into the page header. Of course, if you want your wiki to have a different style to it, wiki templates can still be customized.

Here’s a screenshot of my wiki page for writing this response:

alt text

There are more details on what’s new with the FogBugz 8 default template here.