Adding Additional FogBugz Licenses or Reinstalling Licenses



The process of adding additional FogBugz licenses, or reinstalling licenses, is the same. The steps to execute will be different, depending on your FogBugz version.


During the process of acquiring, adding, applying, or reinstalling the licenses you will need three components:

  • Email address used to sign up
  • Order numbers - if you are adding additional licenses, you will get them during the purchase process
  • Administrator access to your FogBugz installation



Prepare the licenses

Before starting the process, make sure you have the licenses prepared. If needed, purchase more.

Existing Licenses

If you’re reinstalling existing licenses, and you don't find your existing order number, you can get all the order numbers on your email using the order help page.

Purchasing Additional Licenses

The process for purchasing add-on licenses to your existing FogBugz installation is the same as the process for buying your initial licenses.

Just go to our shop, login with the appropriate email address and order number, and click the Buy More Licenses link. Select the number of licenses you require, and make your purchase the same as before. The only difference is that this time there is nothing to download.

If you would like to get a custom quote, please contact Success Team.


Adding or Reinstalling Licenses

The process for adding additional licenses or reinstalling licenses is the same, but the steps to execute are different depending on your FogBugz version.

After logging in to your FogBugz instance with an Administrator account, go to the licensing section.

  • For On-Demand: Navigate to Avatar Menu > Your FogBugz Account > Account and Billing.
  • For On-Premise: Navigate to Avatar Menu > Your On-Premise Account > Manage Users.

If you use a previous version of FogBugz, please read How to access the licenses on different FogBugz versions.

Where it says “Install New Licenses”, enter the email address and order number from your new purchase.


License Installation Troubleshooting Notes

  • If your FogBugz server cannot talk to the internet to reach the FogBugz server, or the FogBugz licensing server is not available, contact support and the support team can issue the licenses manually. The support team will need the Machine ID/SID and Computer Name you see when you go to your licenses page in FogBugz and click the link next to “If this computer is not connected to the public Internet.”
  • If at any point, you get a message saying that the license cannot be installed because it is locked and that you should contact support, do so. This is a simple security measure and the support team can unlock the license in a matter of seconds. You just need to send the order number and ask support to unlock it.When moving your instance to a new server read about the possible License Issue after Moving FogBugz to a New Server
  • Well, sometimes just installing the licenses is not enough. On For Your Server versions, if you are still having difficulty, you can delete all licenses using the link http://[Your FogBugz Install]/diagnostics.asp?sStep=testlicenseinfo, and then, reinstall the licenses and it should work. Note: this link is not available on newer FogBugz versions.
  • If nothing like these happens, you should be good to go.

If it is still not working or if you run into any more difficulties, reach out to us through our Support Page.

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