Integration with SourceGear Vault



This article describes how to enable bug tracking in SourceGear Vault in FogBugz.  


Vault <> FogBugz integration is only supported by Vault Standard, not Vault Professional.

Step By Step Guide


To enable bug tracking in SourceGear Vault, you must have Vault admin privileges and access to the Vault Admin Tool.

In Vault

  1. Log in to the Vault Admin Tool.
  2. Click on the Admin tab
  3. Expand Source Control Repositories on the left side.
  4. Click on the repository you are setting up.
  5. Set the Bug Tracking Application drop-down menu to FogBugz.
  6. In the Bug Tracking Integration URL box, type in the URL of your FogBugz site, something like:
  7. Generate new API Token from user profile (User Options -> Create API Token)
  8. Open the Vault Admin page. Go to Source Control Repositories -> {Repository}, here in text field Fog Bugz Trial ID, provide “0&token={TOKEN}”, where {TOKEN} is the token you have generated in the previous step. This way you ensure the authentication token is sent to FogBugz during each API call:


vault fb setup 2

In FogBugz 

  1. Navigate to Admin > Source Control.
  2. Click Create New Repository.
  3. Select Vault.
  4. Click ok.

FogBugz will tell you that the repository is created in FogBugz automatically when you first check in code in Vault and set a case number for it.


new vault repo


vault instructions


When you commit your first check-in, you will now see the repository in the list in Admin -> Source Control. At this point, you can click to edit that repository and set up the diff and log links. These links show up in FogBugz cases as shown here.

Entering Case Numbers 

The Vault Check-In/Commit dialog allows you to associate a Vault file with a FogBugz case during the check-in process. Type the case number in the Update Bugs edit box.