Removing Email Auto-Complete Entries


FogBugz will automatically complete any previously entered email addresses it comes across. While this is a nice feature that saves you time when emailing to your contacts, sometimes an address needs to be removed because it’s out of date or incorrect. When this is required, Email addresses can be removed through the FogBugz XML API. This article explains how to do it.


Acquire an API Token. This will allow you to issue commands against the API to remove email addresses.


Remove the Target Email Correspondent

With your token, issue the delete correspondent email address command through the FogBugz XML API. The “@” symbol should be encoded as “%40”. For example, if your correspondent is “whoops@thisiswrong.notright”, your request might look something like this:


Check the result

If the email address was found and deleted, then the returned result will contain rows_affected="1".

If the email address was not found (or it was previously deleted) the result will be rows_affected=0. In this case, check whether the email address you provided was correct.

These steps can be repeated as many times as necessary to remove auto-complete entries.

Execute API logoff command to invalidate your token

 As a last step issue the API logoff command. This invalidates your token and ends your XML API session.

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Known Limitations

This process will only remove the corresponding email cache but will not modify the actual email in the case history. We cannot remove addresses from the incoming email.

If you get a reply from a deleted correspondent email on any of your cases or on a new case, it will again create a cache entry.

Note: For community users appearing in the autofill options, those cannot be deleted using this method: you will need to deactivate the community user to prevent the email address from auto-filling in your email cases.