Configuring Time Tracking - Working Schedules



Working Schedules can be configured site-wide or per user. The available configuration options are the same in both cases, only the percentage of time spent per project is available per user only (not site-wide).

Using these settings weekends can be excluded from time calculations, also individual holidays and vacations can be configured, as well as holidays affecting everyone (all site).

These configurations influence how EBS is calculating the delivery date estimations.





Site Working Schedule


On the sidebar, hover your mouse to the Time Tracking icon and select the Site Working Schedule option:


Note: Only an administrator can set a site-wide working schedule.


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My Working Schedule


Each user can configure their personal working schedule by going to Time Tracking > My Working Schedule:



The personal working schedule is used in Evidence-Based Scheduling to convert adjusted estimates (in hours) to calendar dates. It is also used to track your start and stop times every day automatically.

If you want to find out when a particular user will start working tomorrow, click the user's name/link to check their Activity Feed and click their Working Schedule link:



FogBugz For Your Server


If you are running FogBugz For Your Server, there are a few differences:

  • The Activity Feed feature is only for FogBugz On-Demand/On-Premises environments. Clicking the user’s name/link will take you directly to the Working Schedule view.

  • To set a site-wide working schedule, go to the Admin menu, and choose the Site Working Schedule option.

  • Administrators can access individual users’ working schedules via the Users page. Choose Users from the Admin menu, find the user, and click on the small calendar icon next to their name.


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Configuring Working Schedules



Percentage of Time Spent per Project



This can be set up only per user (not available as per site configuration).

FogBugz assumes that you spend 100% of your work time on tasks that could be tracked in FogBugz. If you are working on a few projects simultaneously, you can break your tasks down into percentages computed per project. This allows FogBugz’s Evidence-Based Scheduling (EBS) algorithm to predict more accurate completion dates for project milestones.


Working Days



The Working Days section determines which days of the week are generally considered as working days.

The values selected in this section of the Site Working Schedule menu only determines the default working days for new FogBugz users. It does not affect existing users.


Daily Schedule



The Daily Schedule section determines the hours that you usually work, including scheduled lunch breaks.

In the Site Working Schedule menu, this section determines the default daily schedule for new users. Changing these values will not affect existing users.

The site's Daily Schedule section is also used to convert hours to days when typing estimates.

Example: If you work 8 hours in a day, entering the value 8h will be converted to 1d.


Holidays and Vacations



The Upcoming Holidays and Vacations allows users to enter and edit individual holidays. For individual users, this section shows both site holidays and personal vacations. While site holidays are read-only, users can enter and edit their upcoming planned vacations.

The Site Working Schedule menu allows administrators to enter and edit holidays affecting everyone (when everyone will not be working).


Holidays and vacation days are scheduled inclusively.

Example: If you want to schedule a vacation for Thursday the 26th and Friday the 27th, set your start date on the 26th and set your end date on the 27th. Single-day holidays and vacations have the same start and end date.


FogBugz does not allow you to enter recurring holidays because the rules for calculating them vary widely and are too complicated.

For accurate schedules, enter all the planned holidays for the next couple of years, and keep these records updated.



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