Reports, Charts and Pivot Data Tables in FogBugz



This article is about the reports available in the Filters view.

You have different types of reports available, like a pie chart, bar chart, column chart, changes over-time visualization, and raw-data summaries (aka pivot table) reports, each of them having a lot of filtering and further break-down possibilities.

For Time Tracking related reporting read about Time Sheets and FNN Reports.

For Evidence-Based Scheduling (EBS) reports (when your project will be completed) read Evidence-Based Scheduling.




How to Access the Reports

These reports can be accessed in any filter view by clicking the button to the left of the filtering criteria.



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How to Use the Reporting

Reporting in FogBugz can be done in five easy steps:


  1. Choose your Report Type as shown in the previous chapter.
  2. Refine your Filter
  3. Choose your Metrics
  4. Add report Breakdown dimensions
  5. Select Chart Type


Report Types

Choose your report type from the Filter Type drop-down menu on the left side of the filter bar.

The reports can be categorized into three basic types:

  • Standard
    • Pie Chart
    • Bar Chart
    • Column Chart
  • Time-based
    • Line - Changes Over Time
  • Raw Data Summaries
    • Table
    • Table - Changes Over Time



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Refine Further your Filter

You can refine further your report's filter by clicking on the Refine Further. The same rules apply for the Refine Further as for the standard filtering.


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Available Metrics

Available metrics depend on the report type.

Metrics for Standard Reports

  • Average Resolution Time — clock time between when cases were opened to when they were resolved
  • Average Time Open — clock time between when cases were opened to when they were closed
  • Number of Cases — cases meeting the filter criteria
  • Number of Cases Behind Schedule — cases due in the past
  • Time Elapsed — total time worked on all cases meeting the criteria
  • Time Estimated — total estimated time (including adjusted estimates) for all cases meeting the criteria
  • Time Remaining —total (estimated – elapsed) for all cases meeting the criteria

Metrics for Time-Based Reports

  • Number of Cases — cases meeting the filter criteria
  • Time Estimated — the time estimated over time


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Report Breakdown

After choosing your metrics, you can choose the breakdown for the given metric. This is kind-of: choose your preferred report for the given metric.

The available break-down dimensions depend on the report type and the chosen metric.

You can add up to two breakdown dimensions.

For time-based reports, you can specify the time period that your report runs over.



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Chart Types

The availability of the chart types depends on the chosen report type. It is available for:

  • Bar Chart
  • Column Chart
  • Line - Changes Over Time - Chart

The available Chart Types are:

  • Normal
  • Stacked
  • 100% - not available for the Line Chart

You can change the chart type using the Chart Type drop-down menu on the right side of the filter bar.



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Cases Without Estimates Not Shown

If your filter includes cases without time estimates (and you’re viewing a report by estimated time) you willl see an informational message letting you know that those cases are excluded from the report.



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