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Activity feeds allow you to quickly see and review changes you or others have made to cases and wiki articles within FogBugz. Personal activity feeds also make it easy to provide status about your activities and see the activity of your colleagues. It helps answer questions such as “What was Jane Doe up to today?”, “Wow, busy day, what did I do again?


This article will provide you an overview of how to see what you have been involved in, and also how to view your own activity feed and other's activity feeds.

Activities are shown in reverse chronological order.



How to see what you have been involved with

You can access your Activity feed in two ways.

Using the Avatar Menu

Accessing your Activity feed by hovering over your Avatar and clicking on the Activity.


Using the Notifications Menu

Hovering over the Notifications icon, click on See all, then on Activity.



TipHover your mouse over any case number or case title to see a quick popup of the case’s information. Click the case number or case title to go directly to the entire case.



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Viewing your activity and activity by others

At the top of the activity feed, there are two buttons.

NOTE: A button with a dark background means you are showing that information in the list. A button with a white background means you are no longer showing that information in the list. Meaning that for example: if you want to change the default view that is showing everything, but you are interested only in your own activity, you will actually have to click on the By Others to have it "switched-off".

  • By You: Shows activity you performed on cases or wiki articles. For example, cases you commented on, cases that received a customer’s email, cases you notified others on, and wiki articles you created or modified.
    NOTE: If you are viewing another person’s activity, “By You” will say “By FIRST_NAME“. For example, if you are viewing Justin’s activity, it will say “By Justin”.
  • By Others: Shows activity done by others that affects you. For example, cases you were notified on, cases assigned to you, cases and wiki articles modified that you are subscribed to. Notifications_5_Activity_ByOthers.jpg
  • Both (Default): The default setting for the activity feed. Shows activity by you and by others. Notifications_5_Activity_Both.jpg


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How to view a team member’s activity

When viewing your own activity and the actions of other team members, you may wish to see another team member’s Activity Feed. Click on their name or profile image and you will see their full activity.

While viewing a case

While viewing a case, click the name:



While viewing your activity feed

While viewing your activity feed, click the name:



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Viewing Activity Feed with FogBugz News Network (FNN)

In addition to the personal activity feed, a filterable history of case events in FogBugz can be viewed using the Activity Reports available with the FogBugz News Network (FNN) extra feature.


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