Which Resolved Statuses are Used by EBS?

Certain statuses in FogBugz make your time estimates and time tracking eligible for consideration in the calculations by Evidence Based Scheduling (EBS). By default, these statuses (and categories) apply:
  • Bug: Resolved (Fixed)
  • Feature: Resolved (Implemented)
  • Inquiry: Resolved (Responded)
  • Schedule Item: Resolved (Completed)
 These can be configured by editing the status itself. Click  (or “Admin” if you’re not using FogBugz Ocelot)> Workflow > Customize Statuses > click on the status of interest > under “Work Done” check or uncheck “Use for calculating estimate history”.


When a Release Notes report is requested, cases with these statuses will show up when “Cases with work done” from the Show Cases drop-down is chosen.