Time Sheet Reports in FogBugz - Clark Kent and Time Sheet



The title is not a typo: FogBugz does provide you with two timesheet reports: one is called Clark Kent, the other one is called Time Sheet. Both of them are provided as plugins that can be enabled as Extra Features. They are providing similar data in a slightly different structure. Both of them enables CSV Downloads of the data. None of them can be customized from the UI. If you need customized data or customized structure, you will need to use the FogBugz API.



The time-tracking features in FogBugz were designed specifically to feed data into EBS so that it can give you accurate predictions of when your project will ship. Out of the box, there aren’t any built-in reports on the time intervals you enter. Originally FogBugz team did not support the idea of timesheets in order to prevent developers from distorting EBS data.

But if you use FogBugz to track contract-based work for clients, or otherwise have a need for timesheet details, you will need such a feature. So two teams created such a report as optional FogBugz plugins: FogBugz team (Time Sheet) and TrueCool.com team (Clark Kent).


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Enabling the Time Sheet and Clark Kent reports

Because these reports are optional plugins, you need to enable them first, if you would like to use them.

You can enable these reports by selecting Avatar -> Extra Features, and switching the feature select buttons to On.


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Time Sheet Report

To view the report, go to Time Tracking -> TimeSheet Report.



The optional FogBugz Time Sheet Report provides two reports of case data over a specified time period. 

  • Hours spent per person per project
  • Case comments and edits


After changing your selection (date range, report type, persons, projects) click on the Selected button to have the data refreshed.

You can export the currently viewed data by clicking on the as CSV button.

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Clark Kent Report

The report is named Clark Kent, because its author considered it "The Superman of FogBugz time reporting".

To view the report, go to Time Tracking -> Clark Kent.


The optional Clark Kent report shows you all time intervals for one project entered by a given user during a specified time period. You can also list all intervals for all users and/or all projects.

The list is exportable as a CSV file by clicking the CSV Download link.


 This Extra Feature is provided by TrueCool.com Inc. But support from TrueCool.com has been discontinued.

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