Sharing Filters



Working with filters is fundamental when using FogBugz. Especially when working with a team, it is often useful to share some of those filters that simplify work by locating specific cases, increasing productivity and efficiency. 



Anyone can share a filter with everyone else on FogBugz:
You can drag any filter you have saved and drop down to the Shared Filters group.


However, if you are using one of the legacy versions (8.55 or older), you need to use a different approach: click on Cases > Manage Filters… and then check the Shared checkbox next to the filter you would like to share.


The filter will then appear in all users’ Filter dropdown. Please note that:

  • The Shared Filters group is considered a filter group in the drop-down list.
  • Shared filters can be hidden. 
  • Shared filters cannot be moved to a different filter group.
  • If a filter is moved to a different group it will no longer be shared.

If you need to share a one-off filter:

  1. Click on the More menu on the right-hand side of the filter bar.
  2. Select Permalink.
  3. Share this link with your fellow users. 


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