Moving FogBugz On-Premises Web Server to a New Server



When moving FogBugz Web Server and related components follow the steps from this article.

If you are moving also the databases, read the instructions for Moving Databases to a New SQL Server Instance.

FogBugz has several components, loosely grouped into Web Server (FogBugz web app, Elastic Search, Heartbeat Pinger, Queueing Service) and Database (fbhosted and trialN databases).

For simplicity, we recommend keeping the grouped components on the same server and moving the group(s) as a single unit.



  • Administrator right on the IIS Server
  • Administrator role in FogBugz




  1. Stop IIS and the three FogBugz services (Elastic Search, Heartbeat Pinger, and Queueing Service).

  2. Install FogBugz on your new web server.

    • When prompted for details of your database and site name, provide the existing values (or the new values if you moved the databases).

    • You do not need to do anything for additional sites, as that information is stored in the fbhosted database.

  3. Finalize any manual configuration such as HTTPS or Trusted Networks.

  4. Start IIS and the three FogBugz services.

  5. Backfill your search index.

  6. Uninstall FogBugz and the services on your old web server.
Note: If you are renaming a FogBugz site as part of this move, do so after confirming that the Web Server move is successful.


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All Fogbugz On-Site services and the database should be running as usual on the new server.


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