Integration with Slack: Unfurl Case Details



FogBugz supports integrating directly with Slack to unfurl case details when you mention a case, create new cases, and comment on existing cases. You can enable it for your team in the Avatar Menu → Integrations → Slack.



Viewing a Case

Once enabled, you just need to say that case number in the format “case [case_number]” in any public Slack channel to have details shown for that case from FogBugz. For example:


Creating a New Case

You can create a new case in FogBugz via this command:

/case [title]

For example, to add a new case with the title “There’s a bug in our latest release” and get a link to it in Slack, you can use the following command:

/case There's a bug in our latest release

Please note that the case title cannot start with a number — that will cause the command to look for an existing case with that number and add a new event to the existing case, as detailed below.

Adding an Event to an Existing Case

To add a new event/comment to an existing case, use the following command:

/case [case_number] [comment to add]

This will generate a new case event in the case specified by [case_number] and then link to that case in Slack. For example:

/case 105 I'm adding this from Slack!

For more information about this topic, read the article Using Integrations in FogBugz.