Error: "Detected Major version 6, Minor version 3" When Installing on Windows Server 2016



For specific versions of Manuscript, you might receive the following error when installing on Windows Server 2016.
Detected Major version 6, Minor version 3 (Windows Server 2012 R2).
Manuscript On Premises only supports Windows Server 2012R2 at this time.


This article provides a workaround for this issue, which allows you to install the affected Manuscript versions on Windows Server 2016.


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Root Cause

This issue occurs due to the restriction enforced by the requirements script. For the versions between the FogBugz On-Site (version 8.15.x) and the Manuscript on-Premise Version 8.21.913, the installer is configured to be executed only on Windows Server 2012 RS2.

Since the FogBugz on-Premise Version 8.22.36 release, the installer has been updated. It can be executed on Windows Server 2016 without requiring any workaround.


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  1. Mount the Manuscript DVD ISO.
  2. Copy the DVD content to your hard drive.
  3. Open the folder and locate the ManuscriptOnPremRequirements.ps1 file.
  4. Open the file and edit the script with a text editor.
    Make sure to remove the Read-Only attribute from the file. 
  5. Change MajorVersion value to 10. (The default value is 6.) 
  6. Change MinorVersion value to 0. (The default value is 3.)
  7. Change VersionText value to Windows Server 2016
  8. Save the updated file.


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You should be able to install Manuscript on Windows Server 2016.


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