Milestones – How They Work With Filters


So you have got your head around the basics, and then iterated your plans to be effective.

Cases have been assigned to milestones , and you know when to use a global milestone and a project milestone. Now you start to set up filters to match your workflow. It’s time to set up that super filter that will allow you to be omniscient across your project domain. You select “Refine Further” from the filter bar and then click “Milestone”.

“Wait a minute! Where are all my milestones!”, I hear you cry (Did I tell you I was omniaudient)

So what is going on?

What The Filter Shows You

The milestones drop down is context driven based on one thing – whether or not you have a project in your filter.

If you don’t have a project it will only show you the Global milestones. If you do then it will only show you the Milestones for that project.

This is independent from what is shown in a case list view, where the Milestone column can have a project’s and/or global milestones.

You should also remember that Milestones have “Assignable” field that can be set to “No”. This is to prevent new cases being assigned to a completed milestone, which also removes it from the “Milestone” drop down.