Marking as Spam and Removal of Spam Messages



Spam has become a fact of life when you deal with large amounts of email. Fortunately, Fogbugz provides Mark as Spam buttons which make the process of dealing with those items that sneak through filters much easier.



This article describes how using Mark as Spam impacts the training of the Autosorting engine and the removal of spam emails depending on the settings of the Mailbox feature.


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For projects whose mailboxes have Autosort enabled

For projects whose mailboxes have Autosort enabled, clicking the Spam button will move the case to the Spam area. This is required as part of the Autosort engine training. Mail in the Spam area will help identify future spam emails and sort them appropriately.


For projects whose mailboxes use Manual Sort

For projects whose mailboxes use Manual sort, there is no need to move the mail to a new area. The Autosort engine does not perform any training. Instead, the email will be Resolved as “Resolved (SPAM)” and Closed.


In either case

By default, spam will be deleted after 7 days. This is controlled by the “Delete spam after” setting and can be disabled if you’d rather have the cases stay in your FogBugz account forever.

Deleting spam email is part of the daily cleanup tasks. When the cleanup task for spam emails runs, it first checks to see if the mailbox that received the message is configured to delete spam and if it is in the relevant Spam area or has the status “Resolved (SPAM)”. Cases that have been forwarded or replied to become ineligible for deletion as a spam case.

Any email that qualifies for spam deletion then gets its age checked. For projects with Autosort, age is considered the time from when the case was originally opened. For emails in manually sorted projects, age is considered from the date the case was closed. Remember, Autosort projects move spam to the Spam area; they don’t automatically close the case as well. Once a case’s age has exceeded the “Delete spam after” setting (measured in days), it will be deleted from the system.


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