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Notifications in FogBugz help you keep track of changes to cases and wiki articles. Notifications can help answer questions like “What did I miss?” or “Did my colleague have any questions about that bug report I sent?” This article provides information on how notifications work in FogBugz.



Getting Started

You will find notifications under the bell icon at the top of the FogBugz sidebar. The circled number displays the number of unread notifications awaiting review.

Notifications occur for:

  • Case events such as an edit or status change
  • New emails received to a case
  • Changes to wiki articles


When Will I See Notifications?

You will see notifications when:

NOTE: You will not see notifications for any activity you perform yourself.

  • A case becomes assigned to you.
  • A case is modified, and you are the person currently assigned to that case or have subscribed to that case.
  • A case receives an email, and you are the person currently assigned to that case or have subscribed to that case.
  • You are notified of a case via the “Notify More Users” field.
  • You have subscribed to a case, and it has changed.
  • You have subscribed to a wiki article, and it has changed.

By default, FogBugz sends you an individual email for each of these notifications as well.


Working with the List of Notifications

See what’s new: Hover your mouse over, or click, the notification icon to see what notifications you have. This includes a shortened list of notifications ordered from the newest down to oldest.

A few details and tips for working with the list of notifications:

  • Unread Notifications: Unread notifications show up with a blue background and a blue dot.
  • Read Notifications: Read notifications, show up with a white background and a white circle.
  • Quickly mark notifications read: Click the blue dot to the left of an unread notification to mark it as read. Click the white circle to the left of a read notification to mark it as unread.
  • Quickly read cases: Hover over a case number or title in the list of notifications to get a quick preview of the most recent activity on a case without marking it as read.
  • Direct navigation: Click a case notification to go directly to the event on the case or the wiki article. Navigating to a case or wiki article will mark its corresponding notification as read in the notifications list.
  • Mark everything as read: Click the Mark all as read link to mark everything as read. This is helpful if you have a plethora of notifications but already know what they are about.
  • See all notifications: Click the See all notifications link to go to a complete list of notifications.

Are you looking for certain types of notifications? Need a bigger, fuller, more detailed list? See Working with the full list of notifications further below.


Why Do I Receive Email for Notifications That I Can See in Fogbugz?

Different users of FogBugz will have different needs for staying included on important updates to cases and wiki articles. Depending on how you use FogBugz, you can change the frequency of email alerts about Notifications.


Working with the Full List of Notifications

To get to the full list of notifications, click the Notification Icon See all notifications. In addition to the tips mentioned above about working with the list of notifications, the full list of notifications provides a more detailed reverse chronological view of your current and past notifications.

From the full list of Notifications, you can:

  • Filter the notifications by type. Note that a button with a dark background means the notifications for that type are shown in the list. A button with a white background means those types of notifications are not shown on the list.
    • Assigned (default: on): Click to show or hide notifications that occurred while you were assigned to a case.
    • Notified (default: on): Click to show or hide notifications that occurred when someone explicitly notified you.
    • Subscribed (default: on): Click to show or hide notifications that occurred while you were subscribed to a case or wiki article.
    • Only Unread (default: off): Click to show only notifications that are unread. It does not show cases or wiki articles notifications that have not changed since you last viewed them.
  • Load More: Click to show older notifications.

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